Complete guide to personal growth

What is personal growth? Is it a step forward in your career? A decision to lead a healthier lifestyle? A commitment to building a stronger relationship? 

Personal growth means something different to everyone. But no matter what it means to you, it can be achieved.  

By taking the time to identify what it is you want and outlining any possible obstacles and how to overcome them, you’ll take a big step toward personal growth. Focus on the outcome you want and let these resources help you put a plan in place to get there.

How to achieve personal growth

Improvement of any sort doesn’t happen overnight. No matter what personal growth is to you, getting the results you want requires commitment and a clear idea of what skills you want to develop.

Think about what do you want to improve. Before you get to work, determine your personal growth goals. Is it your communication skills? Do you want to form stronger relationships? Is your career stagnating? Identify the key areas of personal growth you want to work on, because you’ll use them to develop your plan to get to the point you want to be.

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Do you have a mindset for growth?

Too many of us start out intending to improve ourselves, only to get hung up in the process. We get caught up in limiting thoughts like, “I’m not sure I’m capable of this” or “Maybe I’ll wait until next year to try it.” 

These types of thoughts will destroy any progress you make. Thinking them is believing them. Committing to personal growth is useless if you don’t commit to positive thinking as well. That means approaching each day with a sense of gratitude and stopping any limited and negative thoughts you may have as soon as they start. Instead of wondering if you can do something, think, “This will be difficult, but I’m grateful for the challenge.”

The more you think it, the more you’ll believe it. And once you believe that you are capable of changing and growing, the sky’s the limit.

Personal growth resources
Communication styles

Limiting beliefs about other people.

Have you ever wondered why people react so differently to identical messages? Why does one person hear a message and feel energized, excited and inspired while another hears the exact same message and doesn’t respond at all? Learning to interpret and address different communication styles is one of the most important steps toward personal growth. If you address someone in the right key, you can do anything. If you address them in the wrong one, you can do nothing. Learn about communication styles here.

Post-traumatic growth

The road to personal growth isn’t always easy, and sometimes the only way forward is to confront the past, acknowledge it and leave it behind. We don’t need to forget it entirely – and often that’s quite impossible – but by identifying it as something that shaped us and using what we learned from it to help ourselves and others, we can truly turn our pain into fuel for our future. Discover how survivors of traumatic events have turned their experiences into a powerful purpose for their lives.


How to Find a Coach You Love

By learning about the human need for significance, you can better interpret your own actions and use this desire to help you work toward your goals. As one of the six human needs, significance plays a big part in your overall feeling of fulfillment, and how you achieve it has a surprising role in obtaining your goals. Read more about significance here.

Personal growth plan

Creating a dedicated plan can help you reach your personal growth goals. Though no two plans will look alike, there are a few basic principles to follow that will help you identify the real drive behind your goals, pinpoint any possible hurdles and prepare for future success. Read more about creating your own personal growth plan here.

Neuro-associative conditioning

break bad habits

The human brain is incredibly adaptable. It’s uniquely wired to reward us for helping others and giving back. It can heal – both physically and emotionally. And you can reprogram it however you desire using neuro-associative conditioning. This powerful set of techniques developed by Tony will rewire your brain, breaking bad habits, shifting your perspective and transforming your life.  

How to get a mentor

business strenghts

Every person who has reached the peak of success had help getting there. Tony himself was mentored by author and speaker Jim Rohn, and John Grinder, the founder of neurolinguistic programming. Mentorship is one of the keys to success – but how do you find the right mentor? Learn here how to find the right match and make the most of your time together.

Additional Resources
Become the best self

personal accountability

What is personal growth? Whether your goals are personal, professional or relationship-related, personal growth is ultimately about becoming the best version of yourself. It sounds easy, but before you can become your best self, you need to determine who that is. You’ll need to get in touch with your emotions, conquer your fears and limiting beliefs and change your story. You must be willing to shed your old identity and let go of anything in life that no longer serves you. And you must let nothing hold you back. The truth is that becoming the best version of yourself takes courage and tenacity – are you ready?

What is self-motivation?

Self-motivation is the ability to get things done and achieve your goals without the influence or encouragement of other people – and it’s the one thing you will absolutely need to achieve your personal growth goals. Even with an excellent mentor or coach and supportive friends and family, you likely won’t have a cheerleader every second of the day. You must figure out how to keep making progress toward a goal even when you don’t want to, when you’ve plateaued or when you’re tired or busy. Learn how to turn your shoulds into musts in this article.

Three steps to a breakthrough

Ready to create a breakthrough in every area of your life? There are three areas that are key to achieving any goal: strategy, story and state. Trying to reach a goal without a strategy is like driving somewhere new without a map – you’ll never get there. Holding on to your old story is like driving with the emergency brake on: it will only hold you back. And neglecting your state is like driving without your glasses: your mental game will feel blurry and unfocused. Learn more about these three essential elements to creating the life you deserve.

Forgiveness heals

a path to forgiveness

All of us carry emotional and physical scars – some inflicted by others, some by ourselves. Too often we hold on to the pain caused by those initial wounds, and as a result they do not heal properly. We harbor resentment and anger toward those who dealt them to us – and as long as those wounds fester, moving on and improving our own lives becomes impossible. Forgiving those who have wronged us helps overcome pain, experience more joy and accomplish more than we thought possible. Whether it’s learning to forgive others or to forgive yourself, adopting a life of gratitude and acceptance will create the freedom you need to pursue your own personal growth.

How to stop feeling guilty

negative self talk effects

Forgiveness doesn’t just apply to others. It also applies to yourself. Yet learning how to forgive ourselves is one of the most overlooked areas of personal growth. Letting go of guilt when we fail, make a mistake or let someone down – especially ourselves – is the key to getting up, bouncing back and turning failures into successes. In fact, feelings of guilt often aren’t about guilt at all, but about insecurity, self-esteem or inadequacy. All of these can be controlled when you change your mindset, forgive yourself and choose to learn from your mistakes instead of letting them hold you back.

Power of nonverbal communication

personal growth communication

How is it that some people can command a room without saying a word? Through body language alone they convey confidence and draw your attention. How you appear doesn’t just change the way others perceive you – it has an impact on how you feel. By making small adjustments to your body language, you can improve your self-confidence and gain additional respect from those you’re addressing. That respect will boost your confidence even more, creating a positive feedback loop that will bolster your personal growth.

Siri Lindley on overcoming failure and fear

personal growth siri lindley

We treat failure like a four-letter word and something to be avoided at all costs. If we do fail, it is lamentable – something that will set us back and become a permanent roadblock. But failure is also one of the most powerful ways to learn. Through it, you can see what you did right, what you did wrong and what you can do differently next time. The most successful people in the world have recorded massive failures, and for many of them, failure was the greatest influence in their own personal growth. 

The psychology of success

The psychology of success

A business is only as strong at the psychology of its leader – and 80% of the time, that psychology is holding you back rather than propelling you forward. You can learn to change your psychology and become the business owner – and the person – you’ve always wanted to be. It starts with finding your highest calling, creating empowering rituals and surrounding yourself with the right people. You’ll naturally transform your mindset, bounce back from failure and learn how to live in a beautiful state. Then you can apply that to business and beyond.

How to transform obstacles into opportunities

personal growthBusiness success has nothing to do with luck or fortune. Great leaders know that business growth begins with personal growth. It’s time to stop making excuses about the market, regulations or finances, and start accepting that the only thing holding you back is your own psychology. Every event in your life – every business triumph and defeat – is a result of your decisions, not your circumstances. To lead, inspire and thrive, you must first learn how to tap into your own unstoppable power and start believing that life happens for you, not to you.

How to increase intelligence

If there is one human trait that we often assume is inherent, genetic or naturally given, it’s intelligence. Some people are just smarter than others – right? Wrong. You can implement strategies in your life to improve your focus, think more sharply and increase your intelligence. At its core, intelligence is the ability to comprehend, think and reason, using data about the world around us to improve our decisions. You can help your brain process data with these strategies that go way beyond doing the Sunday crossword puzzle. 

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